The French Institute of Pondicherry publishes scientific books, articles, maps and CDs in the fields of Indology, Ecology and Social Sciences.

Note: All documents that are freely downloadable from this site are ©IFP. No part of any of the documents may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the IFP.

Indology: 146 titles (of which 140 books and 6 CD-ROMs). The publications relate mainly to Tamil and Sanskrit studies and to history, art and archaeology. They include first and critical editions of classical texts, translations, studies, descriptive catalogues of the manuscript collection, conference proceedings etc. Since 2004, the majority of the publications are brought out in the “Collection Indologie” series, published jointly with the Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO).

  1. Tamil Studies
  2. Sanskrit Studies
  3. Other Indian Languages
  4. History, Art and Archaeology

Social Sciences: 66 titles (of which 32 monographs, 32 working papers and 2 CD-ROMs). Include studies on social, economic and political change (rural studies, studies in qualitative economics, politics, population and space); urban and peri-urban development; medicines, health and societies; human societies and the environment; and religious and historical studies.

  1. Social, Economic and Political Change
  1. Urban and Peri-Urban Development
  2. Medicines, Health and Societies
  3. Human Societies and the Environment
  4. Religious and Historical Studies

Ecology: 129 titles (of which 57 monographs, 10 working papers, 31 maps, 25 notices and 6 CD-ROMs). These include biogeographical maps and studies (including the International map of vegetation, the Forest map of South India and studies and maps of bioclimates), studies in palynology, as well as on ecosystems and biodiversity (structure and dynamics of ecosystems, soil sciences, botany and systematics, biodiversity assessment and conservation).

  1. Biogeographical Maps and Studies
  1. Palynology
  1. Ecosystems and Biodiversity