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Theses / Dissertations / Habilitation

BARRELET I., DASH J., DUMONT S., MANETTI J. and TROTTET L., 2014. The role of food prescription in Type 2 diabetes treatment in the South Indian context. Rapport de stage de 3ème année de médecine. Université de Genève & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 53 p., Mémoire dirigé par B. Sébastia.
BORTOLUSSI C., 2014. Chaire UNESCO : sauvegarde et valorisation des patrimoines culturels alimentaires. Rapport de stage de Master 2 « Stratégies culturelles internationales » Université d’Albi & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 53 p., Mémoire dirigé par C. Barrera et B. Sébastia.
GOFFO L., 2014. Le développement de l’agriculture biologique dans le district de Karur. Rapport de stage de License Géographie et Aménagement Université de Lyon III Jean Moulin & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 64 p., Mémoire co-dirigé par S. Chedin et B. Sébastia.
HOCQ B., 2014. Etude d’un continuum de degrés de servitude pour dette au sein de la population rurale du Tamil Nadu. Rapport de stage. Master 2 Economie appliquée. Mention « Pratiques du développement » Université de Bordeaux Montesquieu & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 80 p., Mémoire dirigé par I. Guérin et F. Combarnous. [For Full text PDF click on "Publisher link"]. [Publisher link]
KILOWOKO J., 2014. The right to food in international law – Implication for India’s food security system. Rapport de stage M.A. Politics and International Relations University of Pondicherry & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 18 p., Advisor: B. Sébastia.
TEULIERE M., 2014. Evolution du phénomène de servitude pour dette dans la population rurale du Tamil Nadu entre 2004 et 2014. Rapport de stage. Master 2 Economie appliquée. Mention « Pratiques du développement » Université de Bordeaux Montesquieu & Institut Français de Pondichéry, 76 p., Mémoire dirigé par I. Guérin et F. Combarnous [For Full-text PDF, click on "Publisher link"]. [Publisher link]
VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., 2014. Indebtedness and financial practices of dalit labour force in a semi dynamic agricultural region of Tamil Nadu [PhD thesis] Department of Sociology, University of Pondicherry, Pondicherry, Advisor: Eric Denis.
WARDE S., 2014. Development of rooftop rainwater harvesting in Auroville from a social sciences viewpoint Master 2 Eau ; Eau et Société : Université de Montpellier 2 & Institut Français de Pondichéry, A. Richard-Ferroudji,.

Edited books

MARIUS K. and RAIBAUD Y. (ed.), 2013. Genre et construction de la géographie Coll. Epistémologie, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 238 p., ISBN: 978-2858924165, [Publisher link]

Book chapters

ATTEWELL G., 2013. Yunani Tibb and Foundationalism in Early Twentieth-Century India: Humoral Paradigms between Critique and Concordance In: Horden P., Hsu E. (ed), The Body in Balance : Humoral Medicines in Practice, Epistemologies of Healing; 13, Berghahn Books, Oxford, p. 129-148, ISBN: 978-0857459824, [Publisher link]
ATTEWELL G., 2013. Subversion in a Liminal Space: Perso-Arab Learning, Asian Medicinals, and the European Classical Revival in the Colóquios of Garcia da Orta In: Robbins K., Tokayer M. (ed), Western Jews in India: from the Fifteenth Century to the Present, Manohar, New Delhi, p. 11-123, ISBN: 978-81-7304-983-5,
GUÉRIN I., ROESCH M., VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G. and SANTOSH KUMAR K.S., 2013. The Social Meaning of Over-Indebtedness and Creditworthiness in the Context of Poor Rural South Indian Households (Tamil Nadu) In: Guerin I., Morvant-Roux S., Villarreal M. (ed), Microfinance, Debt and Over-Indebtedness: Juggling with Money, Routledge, London, p. 125-150, ISBN: 978-0-415-83525-1, [Publisher link]
HEADLEY Z.E., 2013. Caste et ordre social en Inde contemporaine In: Jaffrelot C., Naudet J. (ed), Justifier l’ordre social : caste, race, genre et classe, La Vie des Idées, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, ISBN: 978-2-13-061933-8, [Publisher link]
MARIUS K. and RAIBAUD Y., 2013. Genre et géographie : du questionnement à l’évidence In: Marius K., Raibaud Y. (ed), Genre et construction de la géographie, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, p. 15-24, ISBN: 978-2858924165,

Peer-reviewed journal articles

FARDIN H.F., HOLLÉ A., GAUTIER E. and HAURY J., 2013. Wastewater management techniques from ancient civilizations to modern ages: examples from South Asia Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 13 (3) : 719-726, [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., SANTHOSH KUMAR and AGIER I., 2013. Women's empowerment: power to act or power over other women? Lessons from Indian microfinance Oxford Development Studies, 41 : S76-S94, DOI: 10.1080/13600818.2013.781147, Supplement 1. [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., D’ESPALLIER B. and VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., 2013. Debt in rural South India: fragmentation, social regulation and discrimination Journal of Development Studies, 49 (9) : 1155-1171, DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2012.720365, [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., 2013. Bonded Labour, Agrarian Changes and Capitalism: Emerging Patterns in South India Journal of Agrarian Change, 13 (3) : 405–423,
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SAKDAPOLRAK P., SEYLER T. and ERGLER C., 2013. Burden of direct and indirect costs of illness: Empirical findings from slum settlements in Chennai, South India Progress in Development Studies, 13 (2) : 135-151, DOI : 10.1177/1464993412466506 , [Publisher link]
SEBASTIA B., 2013. L'Inde, impuissante face à la malnutrition? Diplomatie Magazine. Les grands dossiers, 14 : 32-35,
SEBASTIA B., 2013. Book Review of "Medical anthropology at the intersections: histories, activisms and futures" edited by Marcia C. Inhorn and Emily A. Wentzell, D. Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care, 16 (1) : 1-3, DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2013.831527, [Publisher link]
SEBASTIA B., 2013. A medicine in loss of identity The IIAS Newsletter, 65 : 28-29,
SIELER R., 2013. From lineage transmission to transnational distance education: The case of Siddha Varmam medicine European Journal of Transnational Studies, 5 (1) : 112-143, [Publisher link]

Working Papers

GUPTA A., 2013. Measuring urbanization around a regional capital : The case of Bhopal district USR3330 Working Paper Series; 6 / SUBURBIN Working Papers Series;1, Institut Français de Pondichéry & Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi, Pondicherry & New Delhi, xi, 76 p., [Publisher link]


SEBASTIA B., 2013. The tribal migrants from Chhattisgarh in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, Health issues and health recourses of Dorlas and Marias 42 p, Report of an anthropological study commissioned by Médecins du Monde.


JENSEN N.T., 2012. For the Health of the Enslaved: Slaves, Medicine and Power in the Danish West Indies, 1803-1848 University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 352 pages, 7 color plates, 3 halftones, 5 maps, 40 tables , ISBN: 978-87-63531-71-9, [Publisher link]

Edited books

AUBRIOT O. (ed.), 2012. Tank and Well Irrigation Crisis: Spatial, Environmental and Social Issues Concept Publishing, New Delhi, lvi, 334 p., ISBN: 978-81-806978-6-9,

Book chapters

ATTEWELL G., HARDIMAN D., LAMBERT H. and MUKHARJI P.B., 2012. Agendas In: Hardiman D., Mukharji P.B. (ed), Medical Marginality in South Asia: Situating Subaltern Therapeutics, Routledge, pp. 1-5, ISBN: 9780415502412, [Publisher link]
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SEBASTIA B., 2012. Competing for Medical Space: Traditional Practioners in the Transmission and Promotion of Siddha Medicine In: Sujatha V.,Abraham L. (ed), Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India, Orient Blackswan, New Delhi, p. 165-185, ISBN: 978-81-250-4501-4, [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

AGIER I., GUÉRIN I. and SZAFARZ A., 2012. Child gender and parental borrowing: Evidence from India Economics Letters, 115 (2) : 363-365, [Publisher link]
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GUÉRIN I., ROESCH M. and VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., 2012. Dettes, protections et solidarités en Inde du Sud Economies et Sociétés (Série 'Développement, croissance et progrès'), 46 (2) : 385-412,
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Conference papers (published)

AULONG S. and KAST R., 2012. A conceptual framework for vulnerability assessment: application to global change stressors among South Indian farmers In: Lazzeri Y., Moustier E. (ed), Vulnérabilité, équité et créativité en Méditerranée, Presses Universitaires de Provence et Presses Universitaires d’Aix-Marseille, p. 85-98,
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Working Papers

ATTEWELL G., JAUZELON C. and GANESHAN N., 2012. Asset planning for environmental health in the communities of Avvai Nagar and Udayar Thoppu, Puducherry, India USR3330 Working Papers Series; 5, Institut Français de Pondichéry/Centre de Sciences Humaines, 49 p., [Publisher link]